Aug 282015

Allow us to describe what we at Byrdie HQ describe as a “Sephora black hole.” You’re going about your business, catching up on your daily beauty reading, and find a product that catches your attention. You click the product to shop it, and you land on You check out the ingredients list, the description, and scroll down to read the reviews section. Fast forward half an hour and you’re suddenly on page 20, ravenously consuming every word of every review and taking it as gospel—after all, these are real women, your very own peers, who have no reason to cushion their feedback. Hours later, you’ve finally made up your mind, and you either excitedly add the product to your cart, or click out of the screen, relieved your fellow beauty aficionados warned you the buzzy pick was just sub-par. Resume this cycle every few days, repeat as needed.

10 Clever Hacks We Learned From Sephora Reviews
Source: Who What Wear

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