Aug 262015

All hail…

Jim Bob Duggar?!

On 19 Kids And Counting, the 50-year-old and his wife Michelle Duggar portray themselves as traditional parents who guide their large family with warmth and guidance.

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However, according to close sources, the real estate agent is far more authoritarian than he would like audiences to believe!

According to an insider:

“Jim Bob’s favorite word is ‘no’… He’s like a dictator. He once saw a guy kissing a girl before marriage and confronted him about it. And the guy said, ‘Jim Bob, show me that verse in the Bible that says we can’t kiss. Get out your Bible.’ And Jim Bob was like, ‘Uhhhh …’ because no one ever confronts Jim Bob. No one.”‘

A second source confirms this report by saying:

“Jim Bob calls the shots. Always has and always will.”

The TLC stars are currently drowning in a flood of controversy as it was recently discovered that son Josh Duggar cheated on his wife Anna Duggar by using an Ashley Madison account.

As a devout Christian, Jim Bob believes sex and sexuality are taboo and have no place at home:

“They don’t talk about sex. They don’t talk about sexuality.”

An example of this can be found in their own 2014 book — Growing Up Duggar — where four of the Duggar daughters – including Jill, 24, and Jessa, 22 – confess that the family has a code word, “Nike,” to help the men repress sexual feelings just in case they spot an attractive woman.

They wrote:

“That’s a signal to the boys, and even to Dad, that they should nonchalantly drop their eyes and look down at their shoes as we walk past her.”

The source confirms that this is indeed true.

“They say it, and all the boys look straight down to the floor every time. It’s like an automatic military thing. Things like that blow my mind.”

We are COMPLETELY shocked by all of these revelations! We mean, WOW!

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19 Kids & Counting's Jim Bob Duggar Is Reportedly Like A 'Dictator' In His Own Family! Makes Children Use A Code Word To Repress Sexual Feelings!
Source: Perez Hilton

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