Nov 272009

This weekend I am going to start decorate my home for the holidays. I don’t take away the Christmas decorations until after the New Year. I don’t have many pink Christmas decorations, because all shops here ( I live in a little town) are full of red, green, white and golden decorations. But I’ll do some shopping soon and buy something, which makes my Christmas more pink.

Though I don’t need so much pink stuff to make my Christmas pink. My Christmas is always pink with my loving husband.

But still… I found very beautiful Christmas Trees on Treetopia. It carries trees for every style, and my Christmas style naturally is pink. Treetopia sells high quality Christmas decorations.

The Pink Christmas Tree is perfect for those who love Pink Christmas.

The Pretty in Pink Tree (photo above) is my favorite Pink Christmas Tree.

This Purple Groove Tree is also very beautiful Christmas Tree.

I also love real green spruce Christmas trees.

More pink Christmas trees

What kind of Christmas tree is your favorite?

Nov 222009

Hello those who live in the U.S. or Canada. You can buy these beautiful Hello Kitty bags, which are so cute.

I haven’t seen these Hello Kitty bags here, but our shops sell lots of Hello Kitty products. One day I and my husband saw a little girl who wore a beautiful Hello Kitty knitted cap. My husband whispered to me: “That girl has stolen your knitted cap”. I laughed, but I knew immediately that I would like to own that Hello Kitty knitted cap. I try to find it when I next time do some shopping.

I also try to find these Hello Kitty bags:

The photo above is a smart Hello Kitty Messenger bag, which I adore.

This is a beautiful Hello Kitty Backpack, which I love.

This is a Hello Kitty rolling backpack, which I need.

This is a Hello Kitty rolling travel bag. I am going to travel with this pink travel bag to my Pink Dream World. It’s not far away… But where is my bag?

If you are an lucky American or a happy Canadian, you can buy these Hello Kitty bags on

What do you think about these pink Hello Kitty bags?

Nov 182009

I found a very sexy pink party dress from Amazon

We have very popular Little Christmas Parties all over our country. Our party season has already begun but many people celebrate Little Christmas in late November or early December.

For example Schools and kindergartens organize Little Christmas Parties almost same way as real Christmas. Some adults go to cultural happenings but generally companies and adults celebrate Little Christmas as a funny or very wild party. People love to dance and eat well. They also love to have some kind of other entertainment. Drinks are very popular. Often people shame what they have done while celebrating Little Christmas. They for example have done something naughty together with their boss or his wife.

Women love to do some shopping before Little Christmas Party. It’s important to find a beautiful party dress. Many women like to have not too sexy dress but young people often wear minidresses or miniskirts despite here is winter.

I love this pink party dress. I’m sure that men would love my pink party dress and women would maybe hate me and my sexy party dress. Someone could hit me in a women’s toilet.

But I am safe at home:) This year I celebrate Little Christmas with my husband. I love pink party dresses. I would wear this hot pink party dress. Would you?

Nov 142009

At this moment I do not have as beautiful peacoat as I would like to have. My dream peacoat is pink peacoat.

I found this beautiful magenta pink peacoat on Amazon

This Metrostyle Convertible Collar peacoat is so feminine. I love feminine clothes. This magenta pink peacoat is also classic and elegant.

I’m crazy about double-breasted pink peacoats but I still have not found my dream coat, because I don’t often find pink peacoats and if I find it, the coat is too big size for me.  Women are often taller than I am.

This Metrostyle Convertible Collar peacoat looks and feels like luxurious wool, but it’s machine washable. This lovely magenta pink peacoat you can get from size 4 to 20 plus.

What kind of pea coat is your favorite peacoat?

More pink pea coats