Dec 312009

Last New Year I saw some pink rockets. I hope that this New Year’s eve and celebration brings to me again beautiful pink rockets.

I look at those rockets from my window. I must admit that I am little afraid to go outside, because it’s not safe. Cats and dogs are also afraid, so… It’s not a shame;)

Happy Pink New Year, my friend!

Dec 282009

My Christmas was wonderful. Christmas has gone but winter is still here. I’m glad that we have a lot of snow here.

I love pink sweaters and cardigans

When I was a teenager I visited in Norway with my family. Norway is a very beautiful country. I also adore Norwegian cardigans and Norwegian style cardigans or sweaters.

I found beautiful pink Norwegian cardigans.

This Norwegian Sweaters Louise (photo above), stylish Norwegian cardigan for women, is one of my favorites. This pink Norwegian Cardigan is 100% pure new wool of genuine Norwegian origin.

This red Dale of Norway Solveig cardigan, which looks like a dark pink cardigan, is also beautiful. This Norwegian cardigan is 100% wool with hand wash and dry flat.

I also like this Dale of Norway Selfjord, pink Cardigan Sweater. Fabric is 100% cotton, machine wash, dry flat.

Those Dale of Norway cardigans are on Sale, which ends soon.

Do you like Norwegian style cardigans?

Dec 202009

Christmas is my favorite celebration. At every Christmas chocolate is my favorite candy. Chocolate truffles, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, assorted chocolates, chocolate with hazelnut and other nuts, fruits, berries and so on are waiting in my kitchen me and my husband and our Christmas.

About week ago we already started to eat chocolate. Every year we buy this Geisha Chocolate by Fazer in Finland. Geisha Chocolate is milk chocolate with soft hazelnut filling. We always eat Geisha chocolates before Christmas, because it’s difficult to wait Christmas without any chocolate;) This pink chocolate heart, box of chocolates with pink candy paper, is also beautiful Christmas Chocolate.

I love Christmas and Chocolate. The most important thing in my Christmas is a joint celebration with my beloved. But without chocolate Christmas does not taste so delicious. Christmas and Chocolate belongs together. They are my faithful friends but not even nearly as important than my husband and my friends:)

Do you eat chocolate at Christmas, my friend?

Dec 152009

Many people believe that the real Santa Claus or Father Christmas lives in Finland. The hometown of The Santa Claus is Rovaniemi, at the Arctic Circle, Lapland, Finland. Santa lives together with Mrs Santa in real winter wonderland Korvatunturi (tunturi is mountain or fjeld).

Who gets the most letters in the world? Santa Claus of course! Santa Claus (Joulupukki in Finnish) receives thousands of mail-letters, cards and parcels. Letter to Santa Claus is very important thing to children and some adults too. So far, the elves have found 184 countries from which Santa Claus has received a total of nearly eight million items in the past 20 years. The most enthusiastic writers are Japanese, British and Polish.

The real Santa Claus gets visitors from all over the world. Many visitors come to Lapland from Japan, The United Kingdom, Russia and Germany.

I could write a letter to Santa Claus, but I don’t need any Christmas gifts. Although Santa’s philosophy is very pink. I have a lot of important issues to discuss with him. Maybe I’ll write to him:)

Are you going to send a letter to Santa Claus? If you have some Christmas wishes to Santa, here is Santa’s address: Joulupukki, Korvatunturi 98800 Savukoski, Finland or
If you want to have a letter from Santa, visit here.

I still believe in Santa. Do you believe in Santa?