Feb 252010

I have dreamed about my pink computer and pink computer monitor. I have seen pink laptops but I haven’t seen pink desktop computers here.

Pink Links is happy to find a pink computer, which looks so beautiful. The Pink Pearl Desktop PC is now my new favorite computer. This AMD Athlon pink computer would be perfect to my pink home office.

And I think that I must also have a pink computer monitor. The Vistron pink TV/Computer monitor is a combined LCD television & TFT computer monitor all in one and so pink. I love this pink style interior.

The pink revolution is here. Are you ready! You can order online quality pink computer products on Pink Computer. There you can find all necessary technical information about these and many other pink computer products.

I promise that some day I will have a pink computer and a pink computer monitor. I believe that this happy day is soon here.

Do you love pink computers?

Feb 202010

I have only one doll, but I remember how important dolls were for me when I was a little girl. Princess dolls have always been popular dolls for little girls. When I was a child, my princess doll was a barbie doll, but she was not as elegant as this Disney Princess Doll.

This Charlotte La Bouff Princess Doll is dressed in her pink signature “flapper girl” style dress from the popular Disney movie “The Princess and the Frog”. This Disney movie is an American fairy tale, Broadway-style musical. “The Princess and the Frog” movie received three Academy Award nominations.

Charlotte La Bouff is not a real princess but she often wears princess style clothing and she looks like a pink princess. Charlotte La Bouff is almost like I am, but I am not spoiled;) But we both want to live storybook life. And Charlotte La Bouff is a very friendly person. She is always trying to help her friend Tiana, who is the real movie princess and the first black princess in the Disney Princess franchise.

I also do my best to help my friends. I don’t have to find the prince, because I have already found him:)

Many girls love princess dolls and many adults collect dolls. Dolls are often an important part of home interior. You get this Princess Doll and her elegant pink dress with a pearl necklace.

You can find this Charlotte La Bouff doll on toysrus.com. Toys”R”Us, Inc. is the world’s leading dedicated toy and baby products retailer.

P. s. Thank you for your lovely doll award, my dear friend and beautiful doll Kata!

Do you have a doll?

Do you like this Charlotte La Bouff princess doll?

Feb 162010

I love pink shoes. I sometimes have problems to find pink shoes for adults, because I am a little woman with small size feet.

I found beautiful pink shoes on internet. Pretty Small Shoes sells stylish pink shoes. They know how difficult it is to find small ladies shoes. They have small shoes UK size 13-3, Euro size 32-35 and US sizes 2-5. My Euro size is 33 -35. Pretty Small Shoes sells shoes in every color, but you know why I prefer pink shoes.

These elegant, cute and sexy hot pink shoes, photo above, are my favorite pink shoes.

I also love these leather, patent leather and studs pink shoes. With my red skirt and pink jacket these DIXIE red-pink shoes are perfect.

Flats are practical and comfortable. These light pink Ballerina shoes are too cute as their name 2-CUTE.

If you like snake skin leather and pink satin and want to release the Rock Chick in you, these ROCK-CHICK-PINK shoes are made for you.

Many times I have had to used not so fashionable small size women shoes. I have found some beautiful small adults shoes, but stylish small size pink shoes are difficult to find.

Pretty Small Shoes makes many dreams come true. Shoes for small feet are sometimes available online, but small ladies shoes are hard to find. If you are looking for pink small size ladies shoes, for example heels, pumps, boots and wedding shoes, this is the gorgeous shopping place for you. They have worldwide delivery.

If you are looking for bigger pink shoes or shoes in many sizes, here you can find
beautiful pink heels

Do you like these pink shoes? What is your size?

Feb 102010

My sister is working in the cosmetics company L’Oréal. The L’Oréal cosmetics has become familiar to me. I use a number of L’Oréal products, and Lancôme Paris is one of my favorites.

I have a sensitive skin, that’s why I use a lot of products for sensitive skin. High-quality L’Oréal cosmetic products such as Lancôme, Biotherm, Garnier and Helena Rubinstein are my favorite cosmetics. Though I don’t often use make up or too much perfumed products. I also need to use pharmacy products, which have no additives.

Sometimes a woman needs something luxury. If you’re a high-quality Lancôme Paris perfume friend, I recommend for you Lancôme Miracle perfume, because Lancôme Miracle is a high quality, pink perfume.

Pink Lancôme Miracle is an eau de parfum spray. Lancôme Miracle is the zest of brilliant freesia, peppered with ginger. Pink Lancôme Miracle perfume is the splendor of magnolias, serenely balanced by warm, amber notes.

Do you like Lancôme Miracle or other Lancôme Paris products?