Mar 312010

A Pink Easter Egg is an important Easter decoration, which makes my Easter beautiful. I love all kinds of pink Easter eggs and other pink Easter decoration.

I also love chocolate Easter eggs with pink packing. My Easter and home is full of love and delicacies. I hope that your Easter is also happy and delicious.

I wish that you will get a huge pink Easter egg or many sweet little pink Easter eggs.

Happy Pink Easter to you and your family!

Mar 242010

Pink ties are gorgeous. I love men who wear pink ties. And everybody knows that real men wear pink all the time;)

Jeff Banks ties are a pleasure to the eye. Sometimes I think that I have pink eyes.

This pink Jeff Banks London tie, photo above, is made with woven silk. This pink silk rib tie is luxury design.

This stylish black and pink Jeff Banks London floral silk tie is so beautiful design. This Jeff Banks tie is also made with luxury fine silk. I love Jeff Banks pink floral design.

This dark pink plain with contrast tail tie is designed in the Jeff Banks studio. Stvdio by Jeff Banks is my favorite men’s fashion.

My husband loves pink ties.

You find these pink ties on Debenhams.

Pink menswear is so cool. Pink ties are sexy gifts for men.

Mar 202010

I would like to have a pink desk. I love pink furnitures.

I found a beautiful pink childrens desk. The Pretty in pink childrens desk is sweet design childrens bedroom furniture. This pink childrens desk could be my desk, because my pink home looks like a childrens home. I love pink interior and decoration.

This pink child’s desk with a pink computer is in my dreams. This pink childrens desk is much more interesting than typical desks for adults. If I had a girl, I would give her this lovely pink furniture.

You can find this Pink Childrens Desk – Pretty in Pink on srbWorld.

Mar 162010

I love pink magnets and Hello Kitty. I would like to own all pink Hello Kitty magnets. My kitchen and refrigerator are waiting for Hello Kitty Magnets

I love this embellished Hello Kitty steel refrigerator magnet, photo above. This fashionista magnet is cute. Stylish Kitty is dressed in a stunning pink dress with pink jewels and a beautiful matching pink bow.

I also love this Kitchen Kitty. A steel refrigerator magnet, pink Hello Kitty helps you to cook. I would also need some cooking help.

Dizzy Pink is a lovely Hello Kitty shop. They only ship within the United Kingdom at this time. My sister lived many years in London, but she moved back to Finland. She can’t help me with these Hello Kitty magnets, but I’m glad to share with you these pink magnet photos.

Do you like magnets? What do you think about these Hello Kitty magnets?