Sep 302010

Itkupilli is a Finnish designer and digital artist, living in Los Angeles. I love her digital art and especially her beautiful pink art. I love many of her pink art works.

One of my biggest favorite is her Sunday postcard art Mushroom, photo above. She writes many artistic blogs, in which you can find unique pink art.

Designer Itkupilli even has many pink things at her home. You can see her pink home photos here.

She also has cute, cool and free blog stuff. From here you can find free art in many colors, also in pink. Her pink backgrounds and other pink blog stuff are lovely.

You can also find this unique artist on Etsy. It’s her digital art shop.

Enjoy this unique pink art! I adore it.

Sep 232010

I would like to have pink leather gloves. I found very beautiful Italian silk lined leather gloves. These pink gloves are not mine yet but I hope to get them.

These designer gloves by Fratelli Orsini are high-quality leather. I love this cerise pink color, photo above. These Fratelli Orsini gloves you can find in many colors, for example pink, pale pink and lavender. All these gloves are gorgeous pink leather gloves.

A delicate and smooth silk lining and the finest Italian lambskin leather is luxury for us demanding women.

Pink Fratelli Orsini classic dress style features make these pink leather gloves irresistible.

You can find these pink designer gloves from Amazon

Sep 122010

I love pink cashmere and accessories. I found some beautiful pink Lauren Hansen cashmere. This pink apparel for us women is the quality fashion.

This shell and wrap couple is perfect Autumn clothing in cold weather. It’s great pleasure to wear this soft pink Lauren Hansen cashmere. Magenta (photo above) is naturally one of my favorite colors. Everything which is pink or near to pink, as magenta, is my style.

You can find this Lauren Hansen collection Turtleneck Shell and Wrap Set from Neiman Marcus online shop.

I have a passion for fashion. Neiman Marcus and Lauren Hansen are my favorites.