Nov 302018

Tavi Gevinson Announces the End of 'Rookie' After 7 Years

Tavi Gevinson is shuttering Rookie.

The 22-year-old writer and actress made the announcement on the website on Friday (November 30).

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“It is with a very full heart that I write that this is the last post on Rookie. The site will stay up for at least a few months, the shop will stay up until the end of the year, but the publication is folding. (Thankfully, books are forever),” she wrote.

“In one way, this is not my decision, because digital media has become an increasingly difficult business, and Rookie in its current form is no longer financially sustainable. And in another way, it is my decision—to not do the things that might make it financially sustainable, like selling it to new owners, taking money from investors, or asking readers for donations or subscriptions. And in yet another way, it doesn’t feel like I’m deciding not to do all that, because I have explored all of these options, and am unable to proceed with any of them.”

“It will take a long time for me to process the rareness of this connection, and the feeling that it’s over. But it’s not over. The changes people create in one another do not go away. The people you grow up with stay with you forever. You made Rookie with us, and its spirit will live on in whatever comes next for us all. Love, Tavi.”

Tavi founded Rookie in 2011, which was largely focused on issues affecting teenage girls.

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Tavi Gevinson Announces the End of 'Rookie' After 7 Years
Source: Just Jared

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