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Suede boots move in and out of the trend spotlight from year to year, which means we’ll always have the style staple in our wardrobes, whether it be via itty bitty ankle boots to ultra-high over-the-knee pairs. When we spot them on our favorite street style stars, they make it look so easy to tromp around in the beautiful footwear, which is a feat in itself. But there’s a whole other aspect of wearing suede boots rarely spoken of: how to care for them. 

We’ve already gone over how to clean white sneakers, but now it’s time to discuss suede boots. Cleaning suede can be quite the ordeal because if you do it wrong, you could ruin your beloved booties. But if you do it right, you ensure that your beautiful boots reach their maximum potential lifespan and remain in pristine condition through hundreds of wears. But fear not. With a few of the following tips and tricks in mind, you’ll set yourself up for a lifetime guarantee of spotless suede boots. Keep reading to find out how to clean suede boots with everyday household items. Because it’s so much easier than you think.

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5 Tricks to Clean Suede Boots With Items in Your Kitchen
Source: Who What Wear

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