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5 TV Shows You Can't Wait to Use Netflix's New 'Skip Intro' Button On

Strangely, the roll out of Netflix’s semi-new and much appreciated “Skip Intro” button came with little fanfare. Reddit noticed first, as usual, and this week, major websites have been posting articles about the feature, seen below at the bottom right:

Netflix's 'Skip Intro' Button Will Be Best Applied to These 10 TV Shows

One would think Netflix would advertise this more. If they were smart enough to do it, you’d think they’d be smart enough to tell us about it. The button obviously came as a result of subscriber griping. No one wants to binge The Office and sit through that garden variety opening credit sequence every 22 minutes. Maybe Netflix is just testing it out for now. 

There is a caveat to the new button. It only works for certain shows. Programs that begin and then cut to the credit sequence after a few minutes don’t always feature the new button (most don’t). And some shows don’t feature it at all, no matter when the opening credits roll. That means horrible intros like the ones on Star Trek: Enterprise and Shameless must still be tolerated. Thankfully, the button can still be found on enough shows to be considered useful.

There are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to how annoying an opening credit intro is. First is how re-watchable it is. If you binge-watch the show, this is crucial. You’ll have to endure the credits like enduring commercials, over and over. Next is how long the credits are. And, lastly, is how necessary the credits are.

So which shows should we be excited to use the button on? Here we go:

The Killing

It’s not long, just totally unnecessary. Linden drives her car around Seattle and we get it, it’s gloomy. Plus, opening credit sequences are the worst on serialized murder mystery shows like this where you can’t wait to see what happens next.

House of Cards

At almost two minutes, the House of Cards opening credit sequence is the longest on this list. It’s dark and the music is harmless so the annoying factor is low, but the length… Just get to the show, please.

Orange is the New Black

Another Netflix Original Series, Orange is the New Black has a highly annoying opening credit sequence that features Regina Spektor’s “You’ve Got Time.” The song is okay, but not 10 times in a row and not paired with an onslaught of too-close faces. Awkward.

The Office

The most unnecessary intro on the list, The Office’s opening credits are hard to tolerate because they’re so uninspired and they occur every 22 minutes while binge-watching. Parks and Recreation has the same problem. 

Gilmore Girls

Corny and long, the Gilmore Girls opening tests your limits every time. It looks and sounds like every single melodramatic dramatic soap opera primetime show ever created. They all have Family Ties to thank. 



5 TV Shows You Can't Wait to Use Netflix's New 'Skip Intro' Button On
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