Aug 182015

Can anyone be trusted these days?!

In a crazy turn of events, the LAPD is investigating Amber Rose‘s involvement in a prostitution ring… but it’s NOT what you think.

According to cops, a prostitution ring used old footage of Amber to lure aspiring models into “intimate” dates with rich men. Yikes!

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The INSANE truth came out on August 17, after a model reported her harrowing experience to police.

The model claimed that after she was recruited through a too good to be true post on Instagram, she was set up on a video chat with “Rose”, who apparently would have the final say on what models were chosen by the “agency”.

The young woman alleges that the call showed “grainy” footage of Wiz Khalifa‘s ex and then the connection was quickly dropped. The police have now found out that the call was simply old footage from Amber’s Ustream account.

After the “call”, the woman was asked via text message if she’d become intimate with “rich men” who’d “help” jumpstart her career, a proposition the aspiring model was NOT interested in or expecting.

The “agency” also used Amber as a bartering tool, claiming that if intimacy occurred Rose would help the young woman make it in the modeling world. Ugh! SO gross!

Obviously, Ambs was NOT aware that her likeness was being used for nefarious purposes. While the mother of one has yet to speak out on the scandal, we assume she’s horrified by situation!

This is an important lesson for all young women out there. Be wary of any situations that seem to good to be true!!

[Image via Instagram.]

Amber Rose Is Victim To Unknowingly Helping Alleged Prostitution Scam! Get The INSANE Deets HERE!
Source: Perez Hilton

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