Aug 252015

Amy Schumer has become living art.

On Monday night, Schumer responded to a fan’s hilarious comment that she resembles the woman in the famous painting, American Gothic (pictured above).

The fan tweeted:

“I think I have revealed a genealogy line for @amyschumer. The American Gothic lady could be an ancestor. #NoDisrespect.”

Hmm, we can kind of see it…

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Schumer, who often responds to her fans, decided to comment on the funny situation in an AMAZING way and it involves J.K. Simmons. Essentially, the comedienne decided to do her best recreation of the painting and it’s… everything.

Check out the perfect snap (below)!

HA! The Trainwreck star’s expression is priceless! We also love the tiny fork J.K. is holding!

To make the moment even better, the Art Institute of Chicago (where the painting is held) to join in on the fun! The museum quipped:

We totally think Amy should stop by to visit her “ancestor” — sounds like it would be a blast.

So, do YOU see a resemblance between the two works of art?

[Image via Twitter/WENN.]

Amy Schumer Recreates 'American Gothic' Painting With J.K. Simmons & It's EVERYTHING!
Source: Perez Hilton

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