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Wait, is this an episode of Game of Thrones?

According to writer Ian Halperin via The Daily Mail, the Kardashians and their complicated history with Blac Chyna is more insane and GOT inspired than we could ever imagine. Not only does Halperin allege that Chyna’s engagement to Rob Kardashian is a well-thought out revenge plot, but he also claims Tyga openly flirted with Kylie Jenner when she was just 14-years-old!

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In his book, I.H. documents the model’s rise to fame as a stripper from Miami to a burgeoning entrepreneur and baby momma to Tyga’s son. According to sources, B.C. was so ambitious that Kim Kardashian West took note and even saw her as a protege of sorts.

As we all know, Blac’s friendship with Kim went up in flames when her ex struck up a controversial romance with Kylie. To make matters worse, insiders claim the two began flirting with each other IN FRONT of the momma.

A disgusted source revealed the business owner pleaded with Kimmy to intervene, saying:

“You’ve got to keep your sister away from my man.”

When the reality star didn’t oblige, Ian reveals Chyna decided to take matters into her own hands:

“If Tyga is going to get into that family then I’m going to get into it too. Chyna is no fool. Instead of getting bitter she devised a plan. And the plan was to hook up with a Kardashian, to get into that family and to call the shots. Her dream was to become as big – or bigger – than the Kardashians.”

Wow! It seems like like the former stripper might actually get her way…

As for whether or not Blac’s alleged love for Rob is real or not, a friend confided:

“If Rob didn’t have the last name Kardashian attached to him there’s no way in a million years Chyna would even come within arm’s length of him. Look at the men Chyna has dated in the past. Rob Kardashian, a 250-pound depressed Caucasian guy does not fit Chyna’s demographic – enough said.”

Woah… that’s harsh! We really hope the beauty isn’t taking advantage of Kardashian’s vulnerabilities.

So, what do YOU think of these allegations?

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Author Ian Halperin Reveals Blac Chyna's Revenge Plan Against The Kardashians — Get The Never Before Heard Deets HERE!
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