Apr 092019

'Avengers' Cast Read 'Infinity War' Children's Book on 'Kimmel' - Watch Here!

The cast of Avengers assembled on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (April 8) to read a “kid-friendly” adaptation of Avengers: Infinity War!

“While children love superheroes, I’m not so sure how they feel about intergalactic genocide,” Kimmel told the audience. “It’s no fun to see Spider-Man die. So to get the kids back we wrote a version of that movie that’s kid-friendly.”

Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Don Cheadle recite lines like “His gauntlet was glowing / and wouldn’t you know it / He went to Wakanda / Excited to show it.” They all interject their own commentary as the story unfolds, with Scarlett quipping “Yeah, he blew it” after Thor fails to kill Thanos in the story.

Scarlett, Chris, Robert Downey Jr. and Paul Rudd hit Jimmy‘s couch, where they discussed the upcoming premiere of Avengers: Endgame and their favorite lines from the film.

Avengers Cast Reads New Thanos Children’s Book

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'Avengers' Cast Read 'Infinity War' Children's Book on 'Kimmel' – Watch Here!
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