Aug 112015

This is… inneresting…

Michigan state representative Todd Courser is under fire after sending a fake email about a male prostitution scandal to his political colleagues in an attempt to cover up his extramarital affair with another politician in the state Congress. .

Now Courser has released a rambling 27-minute (!) apology where he accuses his former employees of blackmailing him!

Wait… what?!

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Yeah… so this all started Friday when the Detroit News published a piece describing how Courser himself sent a fake email from a pseudonym back in March to other members of Michigan’s state Congress that described Courser — who is married with four children — had paid for sex with a male prostitute.

That wasn’t true at all, but somehow the email was supposed to cover his actual affair, with state Representative Cindy Gamrat (pictured above, next to Courser in a January photo).

Gamrat is a fellow Republican lawmaker, who is also married and has three children.

We guess he was trying to protect his real mistress with the whole male prostitute thing — and they say chivalry is dead!

Now, Courser has released an audio statement apologizing for his role in the whole controversy, and he leads off by saying:

“My actions in and around these events and the email that was sent to misdirect attention were my doing both in planning and execution. No one else has the responsibility in those actions, they are mine and mine alone to carry.”

So far, so good, right?!

Well… the audio file falls off the table after that, with 27 minutes of a rambling diatribe about blackmail and a “pressure cooker” where Courser had endured very little sleep and food after he began receiving anonymous text messages from the alleged blackmailer.

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Courser even goes so far as to call out two former employees, accusing them of spying on him and recording his every move in Lansing (Michigan’s state capital) as part of a desire by the political establishment (?!) to bring him down:

“I can say nothing prepared me for the caustic nature of the Lansing mafia. The entirety of the state House and state government is controlled and manipulated for the political advantage and to the benefit of the establishment powers.”

Don’t think for a second that Courser will be resigning after the affair and his fake email came to light though! He’s fighting for liberty, y’all:

“I chose and I have chosen to stay and to make them play their hand, and whatever that brings on me that brings. I feel that it is absolutely essential for the cause of liberty to have these clandestine operations to control public officials exposed. So I refuse to leave quietly and have decided that these efforts really need to come out.”

Well, um… best of luck with that, Rep. Courser.

[Image via Todd Courser/Facebook.]

Bad Week For This Congressman: An Extramarital Affair, A Fake Male Prostitute, And A 'Mafia' Conspiracy — Get The Crazy Deets HERE!
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