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Talk about an awkward situation!

As we previously reported, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner spent the holidays together despite the fact they’re totally annoyed by their living arrangements.

It’s since been revealed that the estranged couple doesn’t spend time with each other unless their children are present — even though the Oscar winner lives in the guest house behind the family residence in Brentwood, CA. Oof!

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One source shared:

“They are almost never together alone without the kids. They don’t hang out. It’s a cordial relationship.”

We guess it’s easy to avoid each other since the family property is located on three, spacious acres! LOLz!

Another insider added:

“The kids are happiest that way, so Ben and Jen are going to continue on this path for now.”

Well the former powerhouse couple is definitely living like a modern family, that’s for sure. But hey, whatever works for them!

Still, we are curious how Bennifer 2.0’s kiddos are handling the entire situation?? Apparently, the youngsters are aware of their parents’ split and are doing just fine.

The insider continued:

“The kids’ lives have not changed much. Things still feel pretty normal to them.”

Well that’s good to hear… but what happens when Ben moves out?? Regardless, it appears all this cordial bonding between Ben and Jen is so the children know that the Affleck/Garner crew will always be a family despite the divorce.

A different source noted:

“She always invites him to come along. Ben and Jen have made a big push to let the kids know that they will always be a family.”

Aww! Still it seems that Miz Garner may truly be over her estranged husband as she’s grown indifferent to his antics. The first source concluded:

“Jen just shrugs her shoulders and says, ‘He can do whatever he wants!’ She feels relieved that she no longer has to worry about what he is doing. All she asks is that he is a good father.”

That’s fair. Nonetheless, a piece of us still wishes that these two crazy kids could find a way back to each other. We guess only time will tell!

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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Play Nice For Their Kids' Sake, In Reality They Spend ZERO Alone Time Together!
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