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Who’s going to back down?

In the midst of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert‘s divorce, there has been quite a bit of finger pointing in regards to who may have cheated or caused the marriage to end.

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One of the more recent ones that has come out is the allegation that Blake had an affair with country singer Cady Groves.

Well as you can imagine, Shelton isn’t all too thrilled with this and is claiming that it’s all a lie, while threatening to sue the magazine, In Touch, who first reported it. Shelton’s attorneys have sent a letter to the magazine demanding a retraction, about the affair.

Oh, but that’s not all! The 39-year-old country singer also believes that Groves is in on it!

In the letter, not only does it state that:

“Mr. Shelton did not have a sexual relationship or affair of any nature whatsoever with Ms. Groves.”

But it also describes Groves as being “infatuated” with Shelton, and accuses In Touch of using Groves as a source.

Since the rumor has come out of the mill, Groves has talked about Shelton, but hasn’t said anything about denying the affair.

As it currently is, In Touch is not shying away and not afraid of Shelton’s camp, as they released:

“Not only does In Touch magazine stand by its story but we have another exclusive about Blake and Miranda’s divorce in this week’s issue.”

The funny thing about rumors is they generally have a hint of truth to them. We guess we’ll just have to wait and see how much truth there really is!

[Image via Cady Groves Instagram/FayesVision/WENN.]

Blake Shelton's Flat Out Denying Rumors About Affair With Cady Groves — See What He's Willing To Do To Take Down The Accusers!
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