Jan 132016
Brace Yourselves, A 'Friends' Reunion Is Really Happening

You’ve dreamed and demanded a Friends reunion. And now it looks like your patience and petitions have finally paid of. Brace yourself, people, because a Friends reunion is officially in the works. Repeat. A FRIENDS REUNION IS IN THE WORKS. Could this be anymore awesome?!

During the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday, NBC Entertainment Chair Bob Greenblatt revealed that Joey, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, and Chandler are on board to appear in a two-hour NBC special honoring veteran comedy director James Burrows. “I’m hoping all six of them will be all in the same room at the same time, but I’m not sure if we can logistically pull that off,” Greenblatt told reporters. If you’ve been following recent Friends reunion news, you’ll know that getting all six under one room is no easy task. Either way, count us in! 

Brace Yourselves, A 'Friends' Reunion Is Really Happening

So first up a TV special reunion, followed by… a Friends reboot? Hey, we can dream. 

The NBC special will air Sunday, Feb 21. 

Brace Yourselves, A 'Friends' Reunion Is Really Happening
Source: Zimbio

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