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Oh wow!

It’s only been a few months, but on Monday, Calista Flockhart opened up about her husband Harrison Ford‘s plane crash from earlier this year after her 2015 TCA panel.

Which, in case you forgot, left the Star Wars star hospitalized with a broken pelvis and ankle after he was forced to crash-land his plane in March.

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She shared:

“He’s doing really well. Thank you for asking. It was a really hard, scary time for our family. I think it just makes you realize, once again, that life can turn on a dime. We just have to appreciate every second we’re here, because you never know.”

Whoa! That’s actually terrifying.

Despite the dramatics, Miz Flockhart remains supportive of her husband’s passion for flying.

She continued:

“You know, he loves it, so I love it. And I support him 100 percent in that. I don’t fly, I’m the passenger in the plane.”

LOLz! However, the crash seems to have only heightened the actress’ commitment to her family, especially to her teenage son Liam.

She noted:

“I just love to spend the time with my family. That’s my thing. He’s taller than me!”


The blonde beauty is making her return to television for CBSSupergirl — after sometime away from the silverscreen to be with her family.

She explained:

“I think I’m older, I think I’m wiser. I think my priorities have changed a lot. But I’m still really excited about being part of a new show and I’m happy that I don’t have to carry the show and I’m happy that I’m Cat Grant and not Supergirl this time around. It just gives me a little more time — my family is very important to me so I’m blessed that I’m just going to be here a little bit and go home to my family. I think that it’s just me. I have a different perspective.”


And we’re glad the family is doing well!

Be sure to tune into Supergirl on Monday October 26, at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.

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Calista Flockhart Opens Up About Husband Harrison Ford's Scary Plane Crash AND If She Supports Him Flying Again!
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