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How is this still an issue with 2016 nearly here?!

The Arkansas Supreme Court decided late last week to temporarily block a lower court’s ruling on allowing same-sex parents to be named on their child’s birth certificates.

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It all started back on December 1, when three same-sex couples won a court battle in front of Little Rock Circuit Court Judge Tim Fox to allow their names to be placed on their children’s birth certificates — so long, Judge Fox deemed, as they were married before the birth.

But the state of Arkansas appealed the ruling, arguing it conflicted with state laws, and now the Arkansas Supreme Court has once again blocked same-sex couples from both being listed on the child’s birth certificate.

In their opinion, the court stated:

“The issues presented are complex, with portions of a statute being struck and substantial additions being made to a provision of the Arkansas Code by the circuit court. Substantial confusion could result if the circuit court’s order were to remain in effect and subsequently be altered by a decision of this court on appeal … The best course of action is to preserve the status quo with regard to the statutory provisions while we consider the circuit court’s ruling.”

Besides being unconstitutional — especially in light of the United States Supreme Court‘s recent decisions surrounding same-sex marriage — the Arkansas court’s decision to block both names from the birth certificate has left same-sex couples without health insurance and other benefits.

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Here’s hoping Arkansas gets it together, and same-sex couples are once again granted the rights they deserve just like every other couple in the state!

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Come On, Arkansas! Supreme Court Forbids Same-Sex Couples From Putting Both Their Names On Children's Birth Certificates!
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