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Drama, drama, drama!

We may have been SUPER obsessed with the MTV‘s VMAs on Sunday night, but Teen Mom OG dropped a new episode, too, and it was WILD!

One couple is set to face a major life change as the other moms react to their own family dramz. Let’s get caught up…

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In the most serious turn of events last night, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are facing down a potentially serious issue with the adoptive mother of their biological daughter, Carly.

The mother, Teresa, called the pair on this week’s episode and revealed that she does NOT want them talking about her or her family — including Carly — on MTV any more.

And while Catelynn was compliant, telling Teresa she wouldn’t choose MTV over the connection to Carly, Tyler was LIVID over the request.

As he was trying to process the information, Tyler spoke to his dad, revealing that he has no intentions of being silenced because of Teresa:

“This is what I do, I share my life story. If [they] think I’m not going to talk about it and express how I feel about Carly and this relationship… well, sorry. If that costs me the ultimate cost, well… If that happens, I’m not going to have to deal with the hurt and pain, and they’re going to have to look at their daughter… and explain to her why she’s hurting. I will never silence what I have to say or my opinion.”


So it sounds like Tyler is willing to completely lose out on a relationship with Carly just to stick around with MTV!

That did NOT sit well with Catelynn, who called Tyler out on it — but he went even deeper in response:

“It just doesn’t make any sense to me to be told what to say and what not to say. I don’t want to live my life like that! I can’t! … If they say ‘We don’t want you talking about the adoption at all on TV,’ Oh, oh, then we’re going to have lots of issues. That’s all I’m saying.”

And then when Catelynn asked him the point-blank question:

“Is what you’re saying that if they tell you that you can’t talk about the adoption on TV that you would still do it and risk the relationship with Carly?”

Tyler confirmed it all:

“Yes. I will not sacrifice my voice and what I think and what I can and cannot talk about on my daily life and my personal life – cameras or not cameras.”

Pretty heavy…

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The hit show continued with Farrah Abraham, who visited the grave of her ex-boyfriend (and daughter Sophia‘s father) Derek Underwood in a pretty poignant moment.

Maybe most significantly, Farrah gave a glimpse into what she had wanted out of her life had Derek not been killed in a car accident, saying during the cemetery visit (below):

“It was one of our best visits out there. This is what I would have been doing if I wasn’t me right now. I would have been hopefully married with Derek, with Sophia. All I wanted to do was own my own restaurant and live here.”

So touching!

In less important news, Farrah also nearly got a colonoscopy this week… but she lucked out and didn’t have to go through with it.

Farrah’s mom, on the other hand, did share what it’s like to have the procedure done, saying:

“It starts out pretty good … [then] your ass explodes and you cannot control anything.”

Uhhh…. there’s a Backdoor Teen Mom joke there somewhere, butt we aren’t touching it.


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In good baby news, Maci Bookout learned the gender of her coming little one, who is now five months along in momma’s belly!!

The pregnancy was a surprise to Maci and her fiancé Taylor McKinney, to say the least, and things got even better when they learned they are expecting a little boy!!

Maci’s ex, Ryan Edwards, may have had the best reaction to it, saying to her:

“Dang, I thought you was getting fat, I didn’t wanna say anything. That’s crazy. Well, congratulations again. I feel like I just congratulated you. You’ll have three kids and you’ll still look good.”


Maci, though, had a decent one-liner in return, especially considering it was to her ex (below):

“At least everyone will know we have a great sex life.”

Touché, Miz Bookout!!

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Finally, Amber Portwood‘s boyfriend, Matt Baier, didn’t hold back when discussing Farrah — a girl he had been flirting a good bit with a while back, as we learned on last week’s show.

Apparently, Amber has had a change of heart about calling off her wedding to Matt — a giant new engagement ring may have helped — and the BF is TOTALLY done with Miz Abraham, telling Amber about the new Farrah:

“She’s a habitual line-stepper — any attention is good attention as far as she’s concerned. She’s dead to me right now.”

Nevertheless, the wedding is still on hold for a little bit, if only because Amber hasn’t met Matt’s family (but she met his cousin Michael this week).

In the meantime, she’s still grappling over Matt’s past and his controversial exes, telling the cameras:

“I don’t love him for his past, I love him for who he is today. It’s hard for people to comprehend that when all of his crazy exes are coming out with these insane stories.”

Well OK then!

What did U think of this week’s episode, Perezcious readers?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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Controversy Erupts On Teen Mom OG As One Couple Faces A Choice: Their Daughter Or MTV!
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