Feb 242016

'Damn Daniel' Brings His White Vans to 'The Ellen Show' (Video)

Daniel Lara, the kid seen in the viral “Damn Daniel” video, makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing on Wednesday (February 24).

The 14-year-old viral sensation and his best friend Josh, who is the voice behind the camera in the video, opened up about their newfound fame.

Daniel said that he has constantly been stopped for photos in the past week and that people ask him to call Josh so they can hear the voice!

Ellen even surprised Daniel with a lifetime supply of Vans shoes.

Big shout out to Ellen‘s producers for including our post in the media roundup. Watch below!

Damn Daniel Star Appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

'Damn Daniel' Brings His White Vans to 'The Ellen Show' (Video)
Source: Just Jared

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