Dec 212015

Dennis Quaid Makes a Super Suave Airport Arrival

Dennis Quaid rocks a pair of shades and looks suave in all black while arriving at LAX Airport on Thursday (December 17) in Los Angeles.

The 61-year-old actor recently opened up about how his twins – Thomas and Zoe – are doing eight years after they almost died from being given an accidental overdose at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

“They’re perfectly normal as could be now,” Dennis said on the Allegedly podcast (via People). “They’re like head of their class.”

“The hospital really stepped up and instituted a lot of patient safety that was very cutting edge and led the way with that,” he said. “So a lot of good things came out of it, and I think a lot of lives got saved because of that … The drug companies, or the hospitals, actually put my face on the bottle to remind people for a time!”

“But you know, it’s something that happens to you, you feel strongly about and you step up for it. It was really the kids that went through it and they were the ones that did it,” Dennis added. “It was the most frightening time of our lives.But they came through it.”

Dennis Quaid Makes a Super Suave Airport Arrival
Source: Just Jared

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