Aug 072015

Zayn Malik is officially on the prowl!

Shortly after Zayn split from Perrie Edwards, he was spotted leaving a club with a group of pals, including a few gorgeous girls. While the singer has sown some wild oats, he reportedly now has his sights set on ONE woman — Kylie Jenner! Watch out, Tyga!

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Malik fueled rumors of a Jenner crush after liking one of her gorgeous Instagram photos on July 31. Now sources are saying that the 22-year-old has an INFATUATION with the 17-year-old!

An insider revealed:

“Zayn has a huge crush on Kylie. He thinks she is absolutely the sexiest girl in the world and is always checking out her Snapchat videos. He was into her even while he was still with Perrie! They met once a while ago through Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner but she was young and it was very brief. Since then, she’s grown into an incredibly stunning girl, and Zayn has definitely noticed!”

Wow, that must have NOT sat well with Perrie! We wonder if Zayn is going to try and put the moves on Kyles even though she’s already taken!

So, do YOU believe ZM has a crush?

[Image via Instagram.]

Does Zayn Malik Have A HUGE Crush On Kylie Jenner?
Source: Perez Hilton

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