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Chrisette Michele is still trying to convince people she wasn’t selling out by agreeing to perform at Donald Trump‘s inaugural ball.

As you know, our newly-elected POTUS (ugh, it hurts every time to say that) had a rough time locking down performers for his swearing in festivities over the weekend — and each act who eventually agreed surely took a lot of heat (even Toby Keith — HA!).

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But unlike Lee Greenwood and 3 Doors Down, Chrisette has been on a bit of a press tour this week to give her side of the story, and she promises she her intention was to be a “voice for the voiceless.”

The R&B songstress explained in a new interview with Billboard:

“The first thing I thought was that I have an opportunity to get in front of these people who don’t seem to understand who they’re talking to and show them what we look like. I felt automatically committed to making sure that I stood up for the women who’ve felt disrespected and the minorities who felt disrespected, communities that felt that they weren’t being heard or understood. I thought that it was almost my responsibility to not just say yes but to say yes with purpose, so that was my reasoning. And no, I didn’t think twice about it.”

BUT despite her gesture, and after losing support from her family, Trump didn’t even bother to shake her hand or meet her after her performance.

Surprised?? We’re not. We’ve seen that before…

Miz Michele told the music mag:

“Originally I was supposed to perform directly after his first speech, and I had done that with Barack Obama before, so I was used to that kind of experience. And the woman who organized the event came and told me, ‘Now you’re going to go first and he’s going to go after you.’ I looked her in the eye and said, ‘My family has disowned me. If you decide to Google me, you’ll see that America is writing about me in their newspapers. I’m the black poster child for discord right now, and he’s not going to shake my hand?’ So no, I didn’t get to meet him.”


Thinking Donny would be anything like Barry was your first mistake.

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As to whether the 34-year-old, who’s said to have earned $250,000 from the gig, took that as a slap in the face, she said:

“I know he has a lot of other things going on. I don’t know if, like Barack and Michelle, he’s listening to my album or that I’ll be on his summer playlist, so I don’t want to take it that way. I’d rather be optimistic and think that they’ll come another chance where I can talk to him. But I definitely did take the time enough to meet as many of the 60,000 people in the room as I could that night and begin to exchange information. And there were a lot of people who are excited to sit down and talk, who worked on his campaign.”

Donald doesn’t have the decency to thank artists for salvaging the “celebrations”! SAD!

Watch Chrisette try to rationalize her decision to perform for Drumpf once again on The Breakfast Club this morning (below)!

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Donald Trump Didn't Even Bother To Shake Chrisette Michele's Hand After Her Inaugural Ball Performance!
Source: Perez Hilton

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