Dec 162016

Why are we not surprised…

During Donald Trump‘s campaign, he seemed to have a large following of people who are, let’s say gun enthusiasts, and after the inauguration, Trump is going to throw them a party!

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That’s right, the p*ssy grabber that is our future POTUS is holding a fundraiser the day after he’s sworn in just to thank the hunting, shooting, and fishing communities for their support during his run.

The event is being called “Opening Day” and will be be held at Walter E. Washington Convention Center in D.C.

Luckily, TMZ got their hands on one of the invites and there are all kinds of packages you can buy at OUTRAGEOUS prices!

Apparently, for $1 MILLION you can purchase the Bald Eagle Package which includes a private reception for 16 guests to meet and greet Donald. Also included is a “multi-day hunting and/or fishing excursion for 4 guests with Donald Trump Jr. and/or Eric Trump.”

You also get 85 VIP guest tickets to the party too.

Oh, and you also get to shoot a caged bald eagle.

OK, that last part isn’t real. Though it’s not that far off from what the Trump boys do for fun…

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If you don’t feel like spending $1 million though, you can always buy the Grizzly Bear Package for $500k!

The Grizzly Bear will get you about the same as the Bald Eagle, just everything cut in half. Eight people will get to meet and greet Donald, and the hunting and fishing trip is still included — though you won’t receive as many passes to the event.

And you only get to shoot a caged bear. (Again, no you won’t. But the Trumps did actually do this.)

There will also be some entertainment at the fundraiser as Alabama and Toby Keith are both set to perform. If you’re wondering what everyone will be wearing, the invite says:

“Camouflage & Cufflinks … Jeans, boots and hats are welcome.”

Just make sure you wear something orange, we guess…

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It may sound on the surface like a populist event — “hunting and fishing, hey, we’re just like you” — but the prices are a dead giveaway. Like the rest of Trump’s presidency, the vast majority of his supporters are NOT invited to the after party.

Another interesting point is some sources have told TMZ they’re not positive President Trump will even be in attendance as they’re still working on details. However, the Trump family is 100% behind the idea and the party is a go.

Proceeds from the event will supposedly go to conservation charities, but knowing how good Trump is with charity, we certainly won’t be holding our breath!

What are your thoughts on Donald’s “Opening Day” party?

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Donald Trump Is Throwing A Party For Hunting & Fishing Communities The Day After His Inauguration — And Charging Them MILLIONS!
Source: Perez Hilton

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