Aug 182015

Presidential candidates: they’re just like us!

Donald Trump has had a big day in the news, after his picking a fight with Heidi Klum, and then her AH-mazing response to him on Twitter.

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But today, he also did something so American (and dreaded)… jury duty!

The presidential hopeful and real estate mogul was in New York City appearing in court for jury duty on Monday, but that was only because he had already ignored five requests to report and paid a $250 fine after failing to go in and perform his civic duty!

Jury assembly supervisor Irene Laracuenta spoke about the importance of treating Trump like anyone else in the jury pool, saying:

“No one – no one – gets special treatment.”

Well then!

One potential juror was skeptical that Trump would ever even be selected for a jury, considering his high profile, telling reporters:

“I don’t see what the point of calling [Trump] in. They’re never going to select him.”

That could be true, but it didn’t stop Trump from showing up to a media frenzy, talking about his immigration plan outside the courthouse, and leaving his limo parked in a “No Stopping Anytime” zone while inside:

Hey, doesn’t everybody struggle to park their limo while on jury duty?! It’s New York City, people! There’s no parking anywhere!

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Plus, while he was inside, Trump autographed courtroom sketches of himself while navigating around the jury holding areas:

So much for no special treatment, right?!

We just hope The Donald could pay that $250 fine after missing five calls before this one.

[Image via TNYF/WENN.]

Donald Trump Reported Monday For Jury Duty — After Ignoring So Many Summonses That He Was Fined By The State Of New York!
Source: Perez Hilton

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