Feb 212016

Ed Skrein Wishes 'Deadpool' Was Given a Bigger Budget

Ed Skrein looks suave in his leather jacket while heading into Chateau Marmont for a night on the town on Friday (February 19) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 32-year-old British actor recently opened up to Entertainment Weekly about how he wishes his movie Deadpool was given a bigger budget. It was made for just $58 million.

“If Tim [Miller] had would’ve had, let’s say, $100 million for this film, he would have found even more creative solutions for how to use the money,” Ed said. “You can give Tim a hundred mil and he won’t waste it. It’ll go straight into more creativity.”

Also pictured inside: Aaron Taylor-Johnson and his wife Sam leaving the same venue that night.

Ed Skrein Wishes 'Deadpool' Was Given a Bigger Budget
Source: Just Jared

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