Oct 052015

This is so awful.

Jennifer Medina was busy in the middle of her shift as a nurse at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California on Saturday when a call came in that a young man was fighting for his life after being hit by a car while skateboarding.

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Medina, who worked with doctors to try to resuscitate the young man, at one point was asked to find his wallet so the hospital could have some identification on the patient — and it was then, when she pulled out his ID card, that she discovered the man she’d been frantically trying to help was her own brother.

Cesar Andres Medina ended up dying on Saturday because of the accident — police have arrested the suspected driver after he drove away from the scene — but it was obviously an unbelievably difficult time for Jennifer, who said:

“I recognized the wallet … And [another nurse] opened it up and it was my brother’s face right there. Everything just collapsed I just couldn’t hold it together.”

So, SO sad.

After Cesar — who went by Andy with family — died in the hospital, there wasn’t much more Jennifer could do:

“I just knew I wanted to say my last goodbyes to Andy after they cleaned him up. And tell him how much I love him.”

This is just awful. Here’s the full story, from NBC Los Angeles:

Our thoughts are with the entire Medina family after this unspeakable tragedy.

[Image via NBC LA.]

ER Nurse Discovers Dying Patient She's Been Trying To Save Is Her Brother, Suffering After A Hit-And-Run Accident
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