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You tell ’em, chicas!

America Ferrera and Eva Longoria may not have been up for any awards at the Golden Globes on Sunday, but they walked away from the show as the biggest successes of the night.

That’s because their joke about Hollywood mixing up its Latina actresses wasn’t just HIGHlarious, it was pretty biting commentary as well.

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Naturally, the Superstore and Telenovela stars have been busy promoting their new NBC sitcoms, so the pair each stopped by the TCA Press Tour on Wednesday where they revealed the origin of the joke, saying:

“We got an amazing response! Next season’s the America and Eva Show. When we found out we were presenting together at the Golden Globes… they always send you copy and it’s always terrible — Bad jokes. We both took it back to both of our writing staffs.”

“Well, actually, Justin [Spitzer] and I were throwing ideas around. I went to Justin and said ‘what’s going to be funny here?’ We went back and forth with it, and then Justin came up with the idea to play on what happened.”

“It wasn’t until the day of that she sent me copy that they had written, and it was so funny! I’m always called Eva Mendes, and then when that happened at the Hollywood Foreign Press with her being called Gina Rodriguez, we just thought it would be funny.”

You were right, Ms. Mendes — it was funny!

Superstore creator Justin Spitzer went on to clarify that while it was his idea, America’s actually the one who wrote most of it, so props to her!

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Eva Longoria & America Ferrera Reveal Who Actually Came Up With Their Latina Golden Globes Joke!
Source: Perez Hilton

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