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On Tuesday Courtney Stodden donned her tiniest white tutu to fight for animals’ rights, because not all heroes wear capes.

The blonde beauty took a trip to the Hollywood & Highland shopping center — dressed as Little Bo Peep — to raise awareness about the horrors of sheep shearing for PETA‘s Save The Sheep campaign!

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Now, the 21-year-old is speaking to us exclusively about the true terror these poor animals endure during this painful process, saying:

“The shearing industry is heartbreaking. Not many people are aware of how torturous it really is. Sheep are deprived of food and water before being sheared, in part so that they’ll be too weak to put up resistance. But when these naturally nervous prey animals do panic, the shearers stomp and stand on their heads and necks. Workers throw scared sheep around and slam their heads and bodies against hard wooden floors. It’s terrible.”

Terrible is a total understatement! That’s just absolutely cruel and heartless!

What’s worse is that the humans putting these creatures through such cruel conditions are so money-driven that they don’t even consider the sheep’s safety and comfort.

The Celebrity Big Brother alum also told us:

“Also, Shearers are usually paid by the volume, not by the hour. This encourages fast, rough work which leaves the sheep with large bloody scrapes on their bodies… including on their penises. Please don’t be a part of this by purchasing wool this holiday season. Instead, opt for cotton, acrylic or other plant-based options.”

We’ll definitely keep that in mind when we do our holiday shopping!

But that’s not all the animal activist had to say on the sad subject. She also took to Instagram to share a sweet snap of herself in her cute costume to continue the conversation! Ch-ch-check out the photo (below)!

A photo posted by Courtney A Stodden (@courtneyastodden) on Nov 24, 2015 at 1:09pm PST

She captioned the precious pic to further explain the other alternatives to wool, writing:

“Little Bo Peep is protecting her sheep today (& everyday)!!! Thanks @officialpeta for an amazing anti wool campaign this afternoon. To everyone who is out shopping for their Christmas gifts, please check anything wool off of your list. The shearing industry is horrific & sheep go through so much torture. Don’t contribute to this nightmare by purchasing wool clothing. There are plenty of cruelty-free alternatives (cotton, acrylic, & other plant based options) 💋”

You go girl!

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EXCLUSIVE! Courtney Stodden Dresses Up As Little Bo Peep To Warn Us All About The Horrors Of Sheep Shearing!
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