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Marcia Clark‘s head must be spinning right about now!

For those who don’t know, TMZ recently broke a crazy story about a knife found buried at O.J. Simpson‘s former property. The find was startling for many reasons, but especially since a knife was used to kill his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. The knife has never been found.

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To make the situation EVEN weirder, a cop had the buried weapon in his possession until a coworker ratted him out. Why the police officer hung onto the possible evidence for this long is beyond comprehension.

Either way, the discovery is quite interesting given the fact that Simpson was found not guilty in the murders and this type of evidence could cinched his conviction.

It’s important to note, however, that this knife has YET to be connected to anyone, including the former football pro.

Obviously, this development is of interest to former prosecutor Marcia, who told Entertainment Tonight:

“I really don’t know what to think of it. I can’t believe someone gave a police officer what appears to be, could be, important evidence in a case — even if it is closed — and takes it home. I don’t know what to say about that except I can’t believe it, but it’s apparently what happened. I don’t know whether to say it is truly evidence, none of us knows that yet — it might be a hoax, it might be somebody who planted it and then just pretended to find it and gave it to the off-duty police officer, you don’t know. But, of course, I’m glad the LAPD is taking it seriously and subjecting it to testing so we can find out.”

Agreed, Ms. Clark! It’s nice to see the LAPD giving this a hard look.

As for potential DNA evidence connected to the find, the legal maven reasoned:

“It’s very possible — I mean, they recover DNA on mummies in Egypt. It’s entirely possible that if there is some DNA to be recovered, that it could be found, especially with today’s technology, which is much more sensitive. I think it’s a remarkable development if it does turn out to be connected to the murders of Ron and Nicole. It would be interesting if there was some evidence on that knife that pointed to who might have helped to bury it, if indeed someone else did.”

Well, you never know what could happen… stranger things have occurred!

Summing up the amazing development, M.C. expressed:

“I just hope the truth comes out about this situation, as I always do about all situations — whatever this is, let’s find out. Let’s find out if it’s related or not. I really want to say — my heart goes out to the families. With these kind of things that stir up all these memories and the pain of it all, I just can’t imagine how they’re feeling right now.”

How true. It’s no secret the families are still devastated.

What do YOU think about the knife?

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Former O.J. Simpson Prosecutor Marcia Clark Speaks Out On The Shocking Knife Discovery
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