Aug 272015

This is still such horrific news.

We were absolutely shocked on Wednesday morning when we heard about the terrifying double homicide of a reporter and cameraman killed on live TV.

Well, it seems as though the murders had a wider reach than just the Virginia community where the WDBJ7 station was located, because one network actually had to postpone a scheduled finale for being too similar to the crime!

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Apparently, the finale of critically-acclaimed Mr. Robot was supposed to air Wednesday night on USA, but the channel decided to push the episode back a week in respect for Alison Parker and Adam Ward‘s friends and families.

Mr. Robot addressed the decision to air last week’s episode in its place on Twitter, saying:

We think it’s extremely commendable of the show to risk losing ratings in favor of doing the honorable thing.

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Mr. Robot has not been shy about using violence in its freshman year, having already killed off one of its lead characters, so we think this decision is probably for the best.

You can catch the conclusion of Mr. Robot on September 2, at 10/9c on USA.

Rest in peace, Alison and Adam.

[Image via Mr. Robot/USA.]

Freshman TV Show Mr. Robot's Season Finale Was Postponed For Being Too Similar To WDBJ Reporter Shooting!
Source: Perez Hilton

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