Mar 212016

George Clooney has SPOKEN!

The superstar actor is a HUGE supporter of Hillary Clinton, and he just made that support known again this week when he sent Clinton supporters an open in a fundraising email strongly backing the former Secretary of State!

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The email is pretty brief, and VERY to the point — and it even shades Donald Trump along the way!

Ch-ch-check it out (below):

“Friend — If you listen to the loudest voices out there today, you’d think we’re a country that hates Mexicans, hates Muslims, and thinks that committing war crimes is the best way to make America great again.

The truth is that the only thing that would prevent America from being great would be to empower these voices.

In all of this clutter, there’s been one consistent voice. A voice of tolerance and experience, from a candidate who’s spent a lifetime fighting for the rights of the less fortunate. A candidate who knows firsthand the complexity of our international relationships.

That candidate is Hillary Clinton.

As this primary process continues, Hillary could soon have an insurmountable delegate lead and with that, the Democratic nomination. That would then make her the only grown-up in the room. And if ever there was a time for a grown-up, that time is now.”

Amen, George — well said!!

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Next up for the movie star?

He and Amal Clooney will be hosting a fundraiser for Clinton next month!

The event goes down April 16, with Clooney inviting supporters to join him and the presidential candidate for dinner and drinks!

The Ocean’s Eleven actor had a little fun with it too, saying:

“The good news is I’m not cooking.”


Are you on TeamHillary with George?

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George Clooney Calls Hillary Clinton 'The Only Grown-Up In The Room' In Open Letter Of Support
Source: Perez Hilton

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