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Gina Rodriguez is an acclaimed actress and a gorgeous gal, but we think our favorite thing about this CW star is that she’s one fierce female!

The brunette beauty is rocking the May cover of Women’s Health looking AB-solutely stunning, and poses as a badass boxer in the popular publication’s pages.

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The 31-year-old is living with Hashimoto’s disease, which causes her immune system to attack her thyroid gland and results in chronic fatigue and weight gain.

And while the condition must be tough to deal with — especially for someone in the public eye, who constantly has to worry about being scrutinized — the Jane the Virgin lead has embraced it, telling the mag:

“I’m trying to use my social media as a way to communicate that I’m flawed and that I’m okay with it. It’s a very strange feeling to be okay with a little cellulite or a little extra anything. I don’t look at it and feel terrified anymore, and my confidence changed because of that. I carry myself differently.”

And while the Chicago native had to seriously adjust her diet because of Hashimoto’s — bye-bye gluten, hello soy — she does admit that didn’t always have the healthiest habits, explaining:

“I would almost not be conscientious about my health because I wanted to be accepted the way I was—as curvy.”

But regardless of what other people think, the lovely lady is also a strong advocate for self-acceptance. She told the glossy that she wants women to be able to build themselves up rather than tear themselves down:

“It’s like we women consciously decide we’re going to be mean to ourselves. But you’re your own hero, not some image you can’t live up to.”

Gina is just SO inspiring! To see her cover and more of her sporty spread, ch-ch-check out the gallery (above)! And if that’s still not enough, be sure to pick up her issue of Women’s Health when it hits newsstands on April 19!

[Image via Women’s Health.]

Gina Rodriguez Is A Kickass Crusader For Curve Confidence In Women's Health!
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