Sep 012015

When the Night Changes Harry Styles acts like a normal college-aged person?!

On Monday, the One Direction member was spotted (above) around Villanova University‘s campus in Philadelphia, PA — and even grabbed a bite at local pizza place, the Campus Corner. Wow!

Though many fans are probably kicking themselves for not grabbing a slice, the restaurant was smart enough to snap a couple pics of the British cutie in the building.

Talk about taking pics or it didn’t happen literally. HA!

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They took to Twitter and wrote:

“Harry Styles with some of our customers!!!!”

Aww! How nice of the Story of My Life singer!

They continued:

AH-Mazing! What a cool day at work for that guy.

In an inneresting turn of events, the shop revealed (below) Taylor Swift‘s ex’s large food order — but who were those mystery cheesesteaks for sir??

It’s said that Harry’s bandmates Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan were not in sight. Though they are scheduled to perform at Lincoln Financial Field tonight.

Hmm, how odd!

Perhaps, he made some Nova Nation friends while he waited to reunited with his main squad? Or, maybe he’s planning on some college time during the 1D hiatus. Oh we hope so.

Can you just IMAGINE having the heartthrob in your lit class?!

Harry if you’re ever strapped for a dinner companion know you can ALWAYS call us. LOLz!

[Image via Twitter.]

Harry Styles Spotted Making Directioners AND Diners Dreams Come True At A College Pizza Joint!
Source: Perez Hilton

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