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Corinne Olympios remembers very little from that questionable first day on the Bachelor In Paradise set… but this doesn’t mean her memory was completely wiped.

As you surely know, Nick Viall‘s ex has been making headlines lately as she’s at the center of the “sexual misconduct” scandal which halted the Bachelor spin-off’s season four production. While there are conflicting reports about what happened between the blonde reality TV vet and her costar, DeMario Jackson, it’s believed the 24-year-old was too drunk to give consent to a sexual encounter with Rachel Lindsay‘s castoff.

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Although Corinne made it perfectly clear in her official statement that she has “little memory of that night,” a source close to the situation claims the Bachelor season 21 standout remembers EXACTLY what she drank before blacking out. According to an E! News source, the last clear memory Corinne has is of herself taking a tequila shot.

Oh, and the businesswoman also recalls drinking two glasses of champagne during a hour-long limo ride to the BIP set. Once on set, the insider claims Olympios threw back a dirty martini and a shot (or two) of tequila. Apparently, the combination of hard liquor and the hot Mexican heat caused the TV personality to black out. Makes sense.

To make matters worse, Corinne had very little in her stomach when she started drinking as she only had a small breakfast before heading to Paradise. Eek.

Still, the Corinne confidant says the Miami native is mainly upset with how production handled the drunken encounter, rather than with the incident itself. Supposedly, Corinne has yet to watch the footage of the potentially nonconsensual escapade — footage Jackson states will clear his name. Hmmm.

Regardless, the insider defends that Olympios was informed of her drunken behavior by her costars. It’s said the BIP starlet was told she was too drunk to walk on her own and, at one point, she tripped and busted open her knee. The tipster says Corinne’s legs are covered in bruises. Oof.

And, despite not remembering this fact, Corinne reportedly fell face first into a jacuzzi. Shockingly, it took days for a BIP staffer to file a complaint about the situation and it was awhile before anyone notified Corinne about the filing. Per the insider, the up-and-comer is vehement that she had nothing to do with the producer filing the complaint, but has spoken with the production employee in the wake of the scandal. However, the producer has recently gone off the grid.

It sounds like we’ve still got a lot to learn about what went down that fateful night. Stay tuned for more updates HERE!

Here's What Corinne Olympios Reportedly Remembers From That Controversial Day On The Bachelor In Paradise Set
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