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Thomas Dekker is done staying mum about his sexual orientation.

On Thursday, the Heroes alum took to Twitter to clarify a few things about his love life after a “prominent gay man” outed him during a recent Hollywood event. Whoa.

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The Secret Circle actor wrote:

“My sexual orientation once again came into question this week when a prominent gay man used an awards acceptance speech to ‘out’ me. While he did not mention me by name, the explicit details of his reference made it easy for the public and media to connect the dots.”

The man Dekker is speaking of is likely Heroes writer Bryan Fuller, who was recently honored at an Outfest event and spoke about a cast member’s team who didn’t want their client’s character to come out over fear it would impact his career. Intense stuff.

Yet, it appears as though the 29-year-old harbors no ill will towards Fuller as he continued:

“While it is an odd situation, I thank him because it presents a prime opportunity for me to publicly say that I am indeed a man who proudly loves other men. In fact, this April, I married my husband and I could not be happier.”

CONGRATULATIONS! We can’t say we’re surprised to learn this as, back in 2011, the industry vet revealed he was open to dating both men and women.

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On his decision to come out publicly, Thomas explained:

“I have never lied to the press about the fluidity of my sexuality but this man claiming that I came out is not true. Because I have not ‘officially’ until this moment. I simply refuse to be robbed of the glorious joy that belongs to me. To say the words myself. ‘I’m gay’. Those words are a badge of honor that no one can steal.”

Hear! Hear! The Las Vegas native added:

“I agree with many who believe it is an important responsibility for LGBTQ persons with a platform to come out. It has the power to change minds, challenge beliefs and make others feel understood and supported. It can strengthen the progression of our community and help disarm those who discriminate against us.

It is a brave, powerful and important thing to do but it is also a deeply personal decision. One that should only be made when you are ready.”

Awwww. After thanking everyone who has supported him over the years, Dekker concluded:

“I embrace you, any of you, with open arms, kindness, faith and patience. For all of you who have supported me, before and now, I thank you from the bottom of my fledgling heart. Be proud of who you are. No matter how long it takes.”

Be sure to ch-ch-check out Thomas’ coming out note in its entirety for yourself (below)!

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Heroes Alum Thomas Dekker Confirms He's Gay After A 'Prominent Gay Man' Allegedly Outed Him
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