Mar 192016

Hulk Hogan Awarded $115 Million in Gawker Sex Tape Trial

It was just announced that Hulk Hogan will be awarded $115 million as a result of his lawsuit against digital news site Gawker, according to THR.

The 62-year-old professional wrestler first filed the case three years ago after the website posted a video of Hulk having a sexual relationship with Heather Cole, the then-wife of his best friend.

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The post includes the video, which Hulk claims was secretly recorded, and an essay that included a vivid play-by-play of the encounter.

“It’s turned my world upside down,” he said while under oath.

The unique case brought forth issues between the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and the Fourteenth Amendment, which guarantees a right to privacy under equal protection of life, liberty and property. Gawker plans to appeal the case.

Hulk Hogan Awarded 5 Million in Gawker Sex Tape Trial
Source: Just Jared

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