Mar 222016

Hulk Hogan Awarded $25 Million More in Damages, Gawker Responds

Pro wrestler Hulk Hogan (whose birth name is Terry Bollea) was just awarded $25 million in additional money for damages in his lawsuit against Gawker media, totaling to $140.1 million.

The $25 million breaks down to $15 million from Gawker, $10 million from the owner of Gawker, Nick Denton, and $100,000 from former Gawker editor in chief A.J. Daulerio. He was awarded $125 million last week in damages as well.

Hulk first filed the case three years ago after the site posted a video of Hulk having a sexual relations with Heather Cole, the then-wife of his best friend.

“$115 million is punishment enough,” Gawker attorney Mike Berry said (via THR). “The amount you have rendered in your verdict is already far beyond their means…that amount is clients have heard your decision.”

Gawker general counsel Heather Dietrick released a statement after the additional decision, “There is so much this jury deserved to know and, fortunately, that the appeals court does indeed know. So we are confident we will win this case ultimately based on not only on the law but also on the truth.”

Hulk Hogan Awarded Million More in Damages, Gawker Responds
Source: Just Jared

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