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Every woman has that one item. When you look in the mirror, you just feel different, and though you wear it over and over again, every time you break it out, the compliments start rolling in. While I’m hesitant to use the word magical in reference to clothing, if putting something on can have such an immediate impact, well isn’t that some sort of magic?

Over the years of testing trends and solid staples alike, I’ve been lucky enough to stumble on a handful of super-special items that prompt random passersby to stop me and ask, “Where exactly did you get that?” Below, I’m calling out 12 of them. As you’ll see, some are statement pieces (and a bit of a splurge), while others are just great takes on everyday basics. But each and every one of them has a little something above-and-beyond that, like it or not, will garner plenty of compliments when you wear them out.

Curious to see what made the cut? Shop the 12 pieces below.

While standard skinny jeans will always be my go-to, these striped jeans always seem to be a big winner.
Statement earrings are a must-wear at the moment, and these sculptural, hoop-esque earrings feel fashion forward without being too over the top.
Whether you were a Baywatch devotee or not, this super-chic suit is maybe the most flattering one-piece I own.
Dressing for work can start to feel repetitive, but this foral top has become a total lifesaver. Styled with trousers or skinny jeans, this top just works.
Before you totally judge me, hear me out: This under-$20 top is a great layering piece, whether it’s styled under my favorite dresses or tanks. I’m constantly fielding questions about where this top is from.
Even the cutest shoes aren’t worth wearing if they leave your feet in serious pain. I’m happy to report that these Dear Frances mules are both comfortable and seriously chic. I’m constantly running to appointments around NYC, and these shoes have become go-tos.
There’s something about statement shoes that gets everyone talking, and these Dorateymur heels are no exception. I can easily predict that these shoes will get everyone talking.
While your mind may not go wide-leg pants when you think of the items you find most flattering, we’re here to say there’s just something special about these Everlane pants, which hit just right on the ankle.
Sleek but still seriously cool, these Freda Salvador mules have led strangers to stop me on the street. If that’s not a testament to good-looking shoes, I don’t know what is.
Confession: I love a good cat eye, and these sunglasses have become a staple over the past six months. They add instant cool to any and every outfit.
Confession: I was lucky enough to find this jacket in the $10 bin at Goodwill more than a few years ago, but the rugged style continues to be a favorite.
Athleisure trend or not, these sporty trousers are big winners. They’re comfortable, sure, but they’re also polished enough to wear to the office. In need of more great fashion? You need these Zara shoes in your arsenal!

I Always Get Compliments on These 12 Items
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