Oct 232018

I’m one of those people who’s weirdly obsessed with Halloween (not ashamed, though!). Come October 1, my kitchen table is decorated with mini white pumpkins and skulls, bowls of candy corn are dispersed around my apartment, and I’ve usually already watched Hocus Pocus at least once. Although I’m clearly a big fan of the holiday, even I am behind on my costume this year. The best costumes stores are already picked over, so I’m turning to ASOS to help me out for my last-minute look. I found four really fun and easy-to-pull-off costume ideas, and they can all arrive in no time since the site offers two-day shipping with its $19 annual membership. Ready, set, go!

Up next: nine Halloween costumes you can wear with sneakers.

I Found 20 Things at ASOS That You Can Wear for Halloween
Source: Who What Wear

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