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There I was innocently scrolling on Pinterest at 2 a.m. on a sleepless Tuesday night when I came upon a ’90s runway look that stopped my energetic thumb in its tracks. It was Nina Ricci’s S/S ’97 show and featured a blinged-out belly chain. Yes, I am 30 years old and am highly interested in adorning my midsection with rhinestones, as seen on my Instagram, but the idea of wearing one above my pants was highly novel to me. Many more ’90s runway rabbit holes followed, and I started testing out the freshest looks I could find. If you need more proof that the 1990s are more relevant than ever in 2018 or just want to see how I fared in adapting looks that are over two decades old, I encourage you to read on. Like me, you may just find your inner ’90s child along the way.

We all know a square neckline is about as 2018 as it gets, but it turns out the style was en vogue over 20 years ago too. 
Note to self: An all black outfit is the perfect canvas for layering on the accessories. 
Until I saw this photo, I wasn’t aware that a see-through top paired with square sunglasses was a painfully cool combination. The more you know. 
While not appropriate for the office, my attempt at the ’90s look turned out to be perfect for a sunny weekend. 
This woman has it going on. The puff sleeve trend is only gaining steam, and we all know how fashion is collectively feeling about a statement straw hat. Thanks, Jacquemus. 
Pro tip: a puff sleeve top becomes even more chill when the back is left undone. 
I would 1,000% wear this exactly as is. The color, the sequin cutouts, and the really-thin spaghetti straps all make me way too excited.
The pink part was non-negotiable. I do like how this current party dress has little bands for a bow-like effect. 
I cannot imagine a more pleasing combination than belly bling paired with a no-nonsense tweed suit. I sincerely hope this image lived up to my intro copy hype for you.
A rhinestone belly belt, as I am charmingly calling this, is not a trend for the shy at heart. I tried this outfit at Coachella, where it was a rather tame look compared to a lot of the other sartorial efforts around me. I recommend pairing it with the highest waist pants you have so just a sliver of skin, albeit bedazzled skin, is showing.  
Matching sets are usually a delight, and this breezy iteration is no exception.
Shorts suits are having a moment, but I choose to shave my legs about once a quarter, so this iteration better suits (see what I did there?) my laissez-fair leg hair lifestyle. 

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