Dec 152017

When his wife went into labor “very unexpectedly” this week, James Corden did what any other expectant father would do in a crisis: ring up Harry Styles.

The Late Late Show host returned to his post Thursday night after welcoming his baby girl on Tuesday — a special delivery he and wife Julia weren’t expecting for another month.

In his monologue, the new poppa explained he took his wife in for a routine check-up on Tuesday after she was experiencing stomach pain over the weekend. After being looked at by doctors, the two were told their baby was arriving earlier than scheduled — like, in the next few hours.

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This unexpected news put Corden in a pickle, as the showman had an episode of the Late Late Show to tape in just three hours. Thankfully, a certain former One Direction member came to the rescue. (As well as Bryan Cranston, who guest hosted the show on Wednesday.)

Though his daughter was born two days ago, the couple have yet to pick out a name for her. For now, Cordy is addressing her as Beyoncé. His wife is not.


Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to hear Corden talk about the unexpected delivery!

James Corden Recounts The Unexpected Birth Of His Newborn Daughter 'Beyoncé' — Watch!
Source: Perez Hilton

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