Dec 152015

Kelly Rutherford must be devastated.

According to Dailymail, a judge presiding over Kelly’s ongoing custody battle with ex-husband Daniel Giersch gave an official AND final ruling on Tuesday. The decision comes on the heels of endless legal drama and dramatic fights over Hermes, 9, and Helena, 6.

Unfortunately for Rutherford, the judge ruled that the children are to live full time with Daniel in Monaco. While the couple were ordered to make joint decisions regarding their schooling, religion, and change of residence, the actress will only be allowed to visit her kiddos in Monaco or France.

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Wow. What a shocking and disappointing ruling. Considering the children are technically United States citizens since they were born on American soil, we’re very surprised by these turn of events.

In the past, the blonde has insinuated that Giersch’s extreme wealth and influence in Monaco has unjustly swayed legal decisions in the case. Sadly, the mother of two doesn’t have the same fortune as her ex and she even declared bankruptcy last year due to $1.4 million dollars lost in legal fees.

As of now, Kel has yet to speak out on the ruling.

So, are YOU surprised by the judge’s decision?

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Judge Reportedly Gives Final Ruling In Kelly Rutherford Custody Battle — Children Will Remain In Monaco With Their Father
Source: Perez Hilton

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