Apr 132016

Julianne Moore Writes Lenny Letter About Gun Safety

Julianne Moore has written an impassioned essay on the importance of gun safety for Lenny Letter.

The Oscar-winning actress begins the letter by explaining where she was when she heard about the Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012 and how she tried to keep the news from her daughter.

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep the news away from my daughter forever, but I didn’t want her to hear it accidentally,” Julianne said. “I figured I would tell her when we came home and her brother and father were there. I wanted to explain it and not scare her. But how was I going to tell my young daughter that children were massacred in their classrooms? How could I explain that level of atrocity? So I kept the radio off in the car, the TV off in the trailer. I asked hair and makeup, the crew, and the other actors not to mention it, and we got through the day.”

“And then we got home. She picked up her newly acquired phone, with her carefully considered and limited number of apps and her monitored Instagram account, and asked, ‘Mommy, did a bunch of little kids get shot today?’” Julianne added. “At that moment, it felt ridiculous to me, and irresponsible as a parent and as a citizen, that I was not doing something to prevent gun violence. Simply keeping the news away from my child was putting my head in the sand. I wasn’t helping her, or anyone else, by doing that. So I decided to learn more. This is what I learned.”

Visit LennyLetter.com to read the rest of Julianne‘s important letter.

Julianne Moore Writes Lenny Letter About Gun Safety
Source: Just Jared

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