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Just Jared's Most Popular Music Acts 2015 (Year End Recap)

We can already count the amount of days left in 2015 on two hands, so lets continue to recap what was most popular in entertainment throughout the past year!

We already showed you the list of the year’s most popular actresses and now it’s time that we recap the most popular music acts. All of the rankings that we post in our recaps are based on statistics grabbed from reader interaction via pageviews, comments, and more. Our team had no say in the order!

The artists on this year’s list dropped some amazing new albums, went on huge tours, showed off lots of skin in some surprising photos, and more.

Did your favorite music acts make‘s cut?

25. Demi Lovato
24. Madonna
23. Iggy Azalea
22. Zayn Malik
21. Ariana Grande
20. Chris Brown
19. Gwen Stefani
18. Britney Spears
17. Nick Jonas
16. One Direction
15. Adele
14. Nicki Minaj
13. FKA twigs
12. Calvin Harris
11. Lady Gaga

Click through the slideshow for‘s top ten most popular music acts of 2015…

Just Jared's Most Popular Music Acts 2015 (Year End Recap)
Source: Just Jared

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