Aug 192015

Kelly Rutherford is truly living a mother’s worst nightmare!

After Kelly was forced to send her kids, Helena and Hermes, back to Monaco after a blissful five weeks in NYC, the heartbroken mom is speaking out on the insane ordeal.

In a recent interview, Rutherford explained why she’ll “never stop fighting” for her kids and how the custody battle between herself and Daniel Giersch has affected the children.

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As for why the actress refused to send back her kids on the court approved date, the momma of two revealed:

“They were totally great the entire time. We were painting, horseback riding. Then right when they knew they were going to go back, they got really panicky. My daughter was crying, my son started saying, ‘Mommy, I’m afraid.'”

Ugh. SO heartbreaking! We can imagine this must be so tough on the kiddos!

The Gossip Girl alum, obviously disturbed by her kids’ anxiety, added:

“If I put them on a plane, I realized I may never see them again. I sent an email to Daniel telling him where we were. I just needed a moment to figure out what to do.”

What a tough decision! We imagine any parent would have felt compelled to do the same!

So, how does Kel keep her kids happy during this trying time? The 46-year-old divulged:

“This whole time, what I’ve had to do is take an overall situation that’s so bizarre and try to keep my kids healthy. I have to keep knowing if I’m okay, they’re going to be okay. I don’t want them to be fearful. My children ask me all the time if I am still fighting for them…. I always tell them the day will never come when I say no.”

So powerful! We know that Rutherford will NEVER stop fighting for her two little loves!!

Stay strong, girl!

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Kelly Rutherford Opens Up About The Painful Days Leading Up To Her Kids Departure From NYC
Source: Perez Hilton

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