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The issues between Kesha and Dr. Luke are far from over.

According to The Wrap, Kesha can still pursue charges of rape against the producer considering the statute of limitations has yet to expire. Unlike many alleged sexual assault victims of Bill Cosby, the singer could still file a report and receive the justice she has been seeking for years.

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An LAPD spokesperson explained:

“She could file a report of that if she’s never done so, she meets the conditions of the statute of limitations,” Detective Meghan Aguilar said. “Whether the DA would decide to go forward is up to that office.”

Wow, what interesting information! Considering the blonde just lost her injunction bid against the music man, we wouldn’t be surprised if she pursues this option.

On the other hand, Kesha has never filed any type of police report documenting her allegations of sexual abuse. Members of Luke’s team have cited the musician’s choice to pursue civil action over criminal charges is one of the reasons why they say he’s innocent.

Despite the glittery gal’s ability to press charges, it doesn’t mean a case will be pursued. Prosecutors would still have to find reasonable evidence of wrongdoing to bring the exec to trial.

This pivotal legal news comes on the heels of the producer proclaiming his innocence on Twitter.

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Kesha Can Still Pursue Criminal Charges Against Dr. Luke
Source: Perez Hilton

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