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For most people, having to stand up and speak in front of a large audience while being totally exposed is quite literally their worst nightmare!

But for comedienne and cancer survivor Tig Notaro, it’s just a part of her routine!

Back in 2012, the Mississippi native was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer and had to undergo a double mastectomy, and she immediately began to think of ways to incorporate her surgery into her act:

“Right after my surgery I had the idea to do a show topless. I was so uncomfortable with my body, and I didn’t really know how to process it. I thought: Oh my gosh. What if I did a comedy show with my shirt off? How crazy!”

Well, that’s certainly one way to own it!

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Tig admits that she didn’t go through with the idea immediately! But after a lot of touring and no new fresh ideas, she finally decided to let it all hang out!

While the 44-year-old had found the perfect way to deal with her insecurities, she also says that she pretty much just thought it would be funny to do a standup show topless:

“I think it’s funny that I don’t acknowledge it. I think it’s funny to talk about air travel while my scars are on display.”

Luckily, Tig has been healthy for 3 years now and things could NOT be better for her!

She currently has a special airing on Netflix which is appropriately titled Tig, and her HBO special drops on Saturday, August 22nd — and she does half of the show topless!!

If you like your comedy served with a side of courage and a nice tall glass of inspiration, then you DEFINITELY wont want to miss this!

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#Kleanse Spotlight: Tig Notaro Opens Up On Doing Standup Comedy Topless After Her Double Mastectomy!
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